Céramiques et société chez les Leuques et les Médiomatriques.



Bertrand BONAVENTURE - Céramiques et société chez les Leuques et les Médiomatriques (IIe-Ier siècles avant J.-C.)2011, 332 p., 166 fig. (ISBN: 978-2-35518-019-4)

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In the last two centuries BC, the Leuci and the Mediomatrici occupied a large part of present Alsace and Lorraine. While the ancient sources say little about this region of Gaul, this ceramology synthesis offers chronological, economic and cultural perspectives. Located at the crossroads of three major cultural areas, these two peoples bring together several micro-regional entities embodied in traditional cooking ceramics. However, this period is also characterized by the emergence of economic networks that do not know of cultural or political boundaries. It was also at this point that trade with the Mediterranean world developed, which is the main early marker of romanization.
From the detailed study of the material of the two main oppidums (Nasium / Boviolles and Le Fossé des Pandours), supplemented by a comprehensive regional inventory, this book provides a multifaceted approach of pottery: by combining technical, typological, functional and traceological data, it depicts a mixed and evolving picture of society in North-eastern Gaul, in a historical and anthropological perspective.


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