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You have a manuscript and would like to publish it but you don't know how to proceed? This page will provide answers to your questions about the publication of a book by Mergoil Publishing.

Who are we?Mergoil Publishing specializes in the publication and distribution of scientific books of an archaeological nature. The subjects covered are based on theses, colloquia or monographs of sites from all periods: prehistory, Roman, medieval and contemporary history.With more than 20 years of experience in the field of archaeological publishing, we publish books in 5 languages (French, German, English, Italian, Spanish) and distribute throughout the world: today, 40% of our distribution network is international.

Submit a manuscript.

Several possibilities are available to you.You can contact us by email: contact[at] or by phone at contacts section allows you to submit your manuscript via a form.Don't forget to include as much information as possible when you contact us: the title of the book, its summary, an abstract, guidance notes, or any other information allowing us to study your file.As soon as we receive your request, it is studied jointly by Mergoil Publishing and the appropriate collection director according to the theme and time of the subject. Finally, we will send you a favourable publication notice within our publishing house.

Book edition.

After validation of the work, a publishing contract is established between the "author" and the "publishing house" defining the roles of each party.The assembly of the book is free, but must respect the publishing rules in force in the field of archaeology.The choice of software for the assembly is not mandatory, it is open according to the computer skills of each person.For those working with Indesign software, we offer a "template" for formatting the book.After a few pages of editing, we propose an exchange in PDF format in order to validate the formatting orientations for the remaining pages.Finally, the author will provide the publishing house with a finalized "print-ready" PDF.The author remains the owner of the intellectual rights to his work and agrees to transfer the distribution rights exclusively for France and the rest of the world to the publishing house.The assembly of the book can be outsourced and will be invoiced for all modeling services by Mergoil Editions.

Contents of the book

The content of the book is the result of your work.For editing purposes, it can be reworked with new forms of structures.This is the work of the collection manager.It validates the content of the book, proposes qualitative adjustments where necessary and guidelines.The books published by Mergoil Editions include colour.This one, must allow a better understanding of an illustration.In general, the book must contain between 200 and 600 pages to meet the technical constraints of printing. We also ask authors to pay close attention to syntax, spelling, figure formatting and bibliographic rules errors.Annexes can be added for download on the Mergoil website, but the book must be sufficient on its own for its comprehension.The downloading of annexes remains a plus.

Printing and distribution

Once the editing work is completed, Mergoil Editions is in charge of finalizing the book: Summary, Introduction, Foreword, Cover etc.Our books are printed in France.We use flap covers and give way to beautiful illustrations, colour photographs on the front cover to illustrate the book's theme.The inside of the books are made of thick paper with glossy coated lamination.Between the delivery of the finalized PDF and the "official" release of the book, it takes about 1 month.Thereafter, Mergoil Editions distributes the book worldwide through various communication channels: paper-based advertising to booksellers, digital communication (contact book newsletter, social networks, internet referencing), presence at conferences and exhibitions, etc.The author, remains the main ambassador of his work, Mergoil Publishing has a role as a facilitator for the dissemination of current events and archaeological research throughout the world.

The door is therefore always open to authors wishing to submit a manuscript.