Mergoil editions:


Created in 1988 by Monique Mergoil the eponymous brand "Editions Monique Mergoil" publishes and distributes scientific literature to archaeological. The first book published by the publishing house is an exhibition catalog co-published with the Chalon-sur-Saône museum for the exhibition: "From Flint to Powder: 4000 years of val in arms Saône (1991) "
A time to "stand-by" Editions Monique Mergoil resume their activity and grow from 2001. The catalog includes 8 collections each headed by a director, professional researcher for a scientific filter to preserve the quality of publications.

Today Mergoil editions releases include 172 books (2019 september) distributed through 8 collections with different themes and times:


  • ARCHÉOLOGIE ET HISTOIRE ROMAINE                         (dir. CH. PELLECUER)
  • ARCHÉOLOGIE DU PAYSAGE                                           (dir. J. BURNOUF) 
  • EUROPE MÉDIÉVALE                                                          (dir. B. HAAS-GEBHARD et J. SOULAT)
  • MONOGRAPHIES INSTRUMENTUM                                 (dir. M. FEUGÈRE)
  • PRÉHISTOIRES                                                                     (dir. B. ROUSSEL)
  • PROTOHISTOIRE EUROPÉENNE                                     (dir. M. PY)


With these ambitious choice, and an excellent distribution's network: professional archeology in Europe, universities, museums, governments and booksellers. Books succeeding in a regular rhythm: about ten volumes per year. Books are published in 5 languages ​​(French, German, English, Italian, Spanish). Books talk about personal research (theses) or excavations and symposia. Over the years, the reputation of the collections has emerged. Editions Mergoil Monique took an essential place in the landscape of the archaeological edition. Since 2015 Monique Mergoil editions were echoed by Claire Leger, graduate archaeologist at the University of Montpellier, and graduated in management of museum collections in the same university. This recovery comes a new dynamism for Mergoil editions with the aim to enable students, researchers, museums, communities to publish and disseminate their work in very large scale, the Europe of course, but also other networks all around the world. For our new books, we chose to improve the quality of our paper ,bring a new design for all covers while keeping prices reasonable.

The door is always open to authors wishing to submit a new book.