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The Evidence of material culture :Studies in honour of Professor Vera Evison



Ian RIDDLER, Jean SOULAT et Lynne KEYS (dir.) - The Evidence of material culture :Studies in honour of Professor Vera Evison/Le témoignage de la culture matérielle : Mélanges offerts au Professeur Vera Evison, 2016, 288 p. , 34 coul., 131. fig. (ISBN : 978-2-35518-060-6)

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Professor Vera Evison has made a major contribution to the study of the archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England over a period of more than sixty years. Her publications include four monographs on early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, as well as a catalogue of wheel-thrown pottery from Anglo-Saxon graves. She is perhaps best known, however, for her wide-ranging studies of early medieval vessel glass, which culminated in a catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon glass in the British Museum.
In this volume Ian Riddler, Jean Soulat and Lynne Keys have gathered together contributions from 25 authors to celebrate the life and work of Vera Evison. From its outset, the editors have sought to place Anglo-Saxon sites and finds within a European framework, drawing in colleagues from France and Germany to echo the wide range of Vera Evison’s academic interests.The subjects extend from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery of Dover Buckland and other newly-discovered cemeteries in Kent to an evaluation of the history and archaeology of the Franks in Belgica II, alongside ethnographic comparisons and funerary trends for cremation burials, studies and reviews of early medieval glass, brooches, antler and iron combs, weaving swords and pendant crosses, as well as a re-evaluation
of finds from older cemetery excavations and a review of recent advances in Bayesian modelling with radiocarbon dating and its application for the early medieval period.

With contributions of :
David Algar, Phil Andrews, Alex Bayliss, Charlotte Behr, Rose Broadley, David Constantine, Valerie Cooper, Alain Dierkens, Bruce Eagles, Martin Foreman, Märit Gaimster, Catriona Gibson, Sue Harrington, Lynne Keys, Françoise Labaune-Jean, Sonja Marzinzik, Keith Parfitt, Patrick Périn, Ian Riddler, Peter Saunders, Jean Soulat, Kirsty Squires, Nick Stoodley, Nicola Trzaska-Nartowski et Howard Williams.


 - Ian RIDDLER, Jean SOULAT et Lynne KEYS 

Notes for a biography of Vera Evison - Lynne KEYS

The return to Dover Buckland - Keith PARFITT

Réexamen du mobilier de type mérovingien de la nécropole de Buckland à Dover (Kent) - Jean SOULAT

Dover Buckland and the early Anglo-Saxon knife- Ian RIDDLER

Nonnington and some other early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries on the east Kent downs - Keith PARFITT

Kept in line? An unusual row of graves from Springhead, Kent - Catriona GIBSON, Nick STOODLEY and Phil ANDREWS

Anglo-Saxon burials from Shrewton, Wiltshire, England, with particular reference
to a gold pendant and an openwork girdle-hanger 
- Bruce EAGLES, Charlotte BEHR, David SAUNDERS and David ALGAR

Neighbours and networks: funerary trends among cremation practicing groups in
early medieval England and north-western Europe
 - Kirsty E SQUIRES

Ethnographies for early Anglo-Saxon cremation - Howard WILLIAMS

Quelques verres découverts en Bretagne (France), de la fin de l’Antiquité au début
de l’époque mérovingienne
 – Françoise LABAUNE-JEAN 

Gold foil decorated glass vessels in Anglo-Saxon England – Rose BROADLEY

A very curious form of glass vessel’: The kuttrolf and its development – Sonja MARZINZIK

An iron comb from Eriswell, Suffolk – Nicola TRZASKA-NARTOWSKI

A snapshot of the Dark Ages: the finds context of a fifth-century gilded silver brooch
from Gillingham in Kent

Early Anglo-Saxon weaving swords revisited – Sue HARRINGTON

An osseous pendant cross from Bamburgh, Northumberland – David CONSTANTINE

Anglo-Saxon combs from Castledyke and Flixborough – Martin FOREMAN

Radiocarbon dating and Bayesian chronological modelling in early medieval England – Alex BAYLISS

Les Francs en Belgique II au Ve siècle: Histoire et Archéologie – Patrick PÉRIN et Alain DIERKINS

The published works of Vera I Evison – Valerie COOPER 

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