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Vivre et produire dans les campagnes de la colonie de Valence.



Amaury GILLES - AHR-34 - Vivre et produire dans les campagnes de la colonie de Valence (IIe s. av.- VIe s. ap. J.-C. )- Préface F. FAVORY, 2016, 680 p., nbr. ill. coul. (ISBN : 978-2-35518-056-9)

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During the Antiquity, Valence is known as a roman colony, settled at strategic position in the middle Rhône valley. This book, taken from a PhD Thesis, analyse respectively settlements patterns and the evolution of the lifestyles in the territory of this ancient civitas of Gallia Narbonensis between the IInd BC and the VIth AD. In this perspective, this study gather a big amount and diverse data (architectural remains, ceramic wares, small finds, artisanal waste…). The artefacts discovered during surveys and excavations illustrate various aspects of everyday life – food practices, clothing, agriculture, craft, trade – shedding light on the social, economic and cultural history of this Roman colony.

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