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Abécédaire pour un archéologue lyonnais.



Séverine LEMAITRE et Cécile BATIGNE VALLET - AHR-31 - Abécédaire pour un archéologue lyonnais - Mélanges offerts à Armand Desbat, 2015, 340 p. (ISBN :978-2-35518-049-1)

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Illustrating the rich contribution of Armand Desbat's works to the progress of archaeological science, forty articles have been gathered in this volume of Mélanges. The book takes the form, original in this case, of an alphabetical dictionary with entries linked to issues processed by A. Desbat during his career. Nearly fifty authors discuss some of the most recent concerns of archaeology, often at the heart of specialists or historians' work for a long time, but enlightened by recent discoveries or new analysis. As A. Desbat devoted a large part of his work to the Roman town of Lyon - Lugdunum, it was natural to find half of the contributions dealing with the Gauls capital, especially the new important discoveries of rescue archaeological excavations. But A. Desbat's interests reach far beyond this place, and some articles provide methodological reflections, while others bring external ligths to the Lyons case; last but not least, several articles discuss craft production sites, funerary or culinary practice from various places in France, but in further countries as well.

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