La Quintarié (Clermont-L'Hérault, 34). View larger

La Quintarié (Clermont-L'Hérault, 34).



Hervé POMAREDES , , Laurent FABRE , Yves RIGOIR (et coll.) - AHR-14 - La Quintarié (Clermont-L'Hérault, 34). Etablissement agricole et viticulture, atelier de céramiques paléochrétiennes (DS.P) (Ier-Ve s. ap. J.C.),2005, 194 p., 151 fig. (ISBN: 2-907303-87-2)

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Limited by the constraints of the large developments that give rise to them, rescue excavations rarely have the opportunity to develop unpublished research, especially regarding the organisation of agrarian land. However, the latter is precisely the approach adopted by this study, which draws together the results of an excavation, starting with evaluations in 1997, undertaken on a site in the Herault valley in the Languedoc micro-region on an important north-south road and only a few kilometres away from the region's major trade route, the Via Domitia. Among the numerous excavated structures were the remains of a vineyard with its warehouse of dolia, as well as a small thermal spa: an association similar to that at Soumaltre, a little to the south (see AHR-13), and which seems to provide a new example of this type of establishment, to date rarely studied in Gaul. Associated with these buildings were several plots of land planted with vines, the publication of which enabled an up-to-date inventory to be compiled of these agricultural features, which are frequently found in this area.
One third of this study concerns a Late Roman workshop producing stamped ceramics (DS.P) dating to the 4th and 5th centuries AD, the first to be published in southern Gaul, where this ware's production, inspired by African prototypes, enjoyed considerable success. The volume, taken as a whole, is therefore remarkable for the range of information it presents and analyses in combination, the results working together to define a detailed picture of this multi-function site.

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