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Des trous... Stuctures en creux pré- et protohistoriques.



Marie-Chantal FRERE-SAUTOT (dir.) - EPUISE - Des trous... Stuctures en creux pré- et protohistoriques(Actes du Coll. de Dijon et Baume-les-Messieurs, 24-26 mars 2006), 2006, 475 p., nbr.ill. (ISBN: 2-907303-98-8).

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The tools of observation and interpretation of negative features — ultimately one of the most common types of archaeological feature — have evolved considerably over the course of recent years. This volume, which gathers together both case studies and overviews that are mainly concerned with the pre- and protohistorical cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, illustrates the
value of combining the examination of ethnographic data (the management of space, the dynamic of preserving structures…) with archaeological observations made on site. From full to empty, hollow to backfilled, the studies presented here neglect none of the questions posed by the ‘holes’, which are the daily bread of site archaeology.
Whether dealing with the built environment or with open spaces, there can be no doubt that such a collection will open up new horizons for those who attempt to move from the observation of archaeological data to the evocation of a way of life. This volume, which gathers together 40 articles by the best archaeologists from the countries concerned (most of whom work on rescue archaeology), is divided into four sections:
Theme 1: Methodology.
Theme 2: Architecture.
Theme 3: Silos and pits.
Theme 4: Site studies.

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