Les Structures d’habitat au Paléolithique en France View larger

Les Structures d’habitat au Paléolithique en France.



Bérangère YAR-  Les Structures d’habitat au Paléolithique en France,(préf. de M.H. Moncel), 1999, 250 p., 143 fig. (ISBN: 2- 907303-20-1)

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For many years, prehistoric excavations done in France have helped to discover several settlement structures allowing us to understand the everyday life of prehistoric man. No comprehensive stud has yet been realised on the main French sites. So this volume is designed to fill this gap by presenting the various known forms about the different traces of social functionalism in settlements throughout the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic periods in France.
This compréhensive approach is preceded by a reflexion on the concept of settlement structures in Prehistory and by a presentation of present and past hunters-gatherers'settlements which can sometimes be used as clues when entire structures have ta be reconstructed.
For each of these sites, the authors — after presenting briefly, where possible, the site and its industries — give a full account of the main structures discovered up to now. Inside large categories composed of explicit structures, implicit structures, settlement areas and units, the several sites are grouped into an alphabetical order.
From this documentary corpus taking into account the three large sudivisions of Palaeolithic, the authors tackle several lines of study such as the appropriation of space by man, the interdependence between the socio-spatial organisation and the techno-economical evolution, the dynamics of settlement in prehistoric times and their eventual recurrences in various communities of hunters gatherers.

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