GREEK, ROMAN AND BYZANTINE LAMPS FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN TO THE BLACK SEA. Acts of the 5th International Lychnological Congress. In memory of Dorin Alicu. L. CHRZANOVSKI (ed.) 2019, 314 p., ill. coul. (ISBN : 978-2-35518-095-8). Collection dirigée par M. Feugère

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With nearly 25 articles - excluding prefaces and introduction -, this volume offers an impressive collection of researches dedicated to ancient lighting, but also texts devoted to previuous and posterous periods, as Bronze Age Komnos or, for the Medieval times, the decoration and illumination of Byzantine churches as well as the material from the recent urban excavations of Timisoara). Despite the fact that the congress, materialized by this volume, was held in the cultural "capital" of Transylvania, Sibiu, only two innovative researches come from the territory of present-day Romania: an analysis of imports and Greek copies from the 3rd century AD discovered in Tomis (now Constanța), as well as an inventory of the lamps from the castrum of Micia, in southern Transylvania. On the other hand, what a selection of new lamps from Italian sites, from Agrigento in Lucera, Pompeii and Cumas in Ostia and Musarna to the northern Mediolanum (Milan)! The Aegean world is also far from being neglected , with studies devoted to Nea Paphos, Rhodes, Corinth and Salonika, supplemented, for the Black Sea, by a study on Hellenistic imports found at Olbia. The Southern Mediterranean region is carrying out two highly interesting research projects, on Beit Natif and Antioch. Two French studies complete the picture: the publication of the complete corpus of the Musée de Saint-Omer as well as a typological study of the lamps discovered in Lyon. Finally, a comparison between Roman iconography and litterature of lighing devices in Roman times unveils not a few surprises. The importance of this volume is doubltless to offer so many unpublished materials from minor and poorly known sites or, on the contrary, of extremely famous ones, rarely treated under the aspect of lamps and other finds.

Laurent Chrzanovski

Valentina Caminneci

Luci dal porto. Le lucerne dall'emporion tardoantico di Agrigentum. Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi di Agrigento

Daniela Cottica, Elisa Tomasella
Nuovi dati sulla produzione locale di lucerne in età repubblicana a Pompei: i materiali dagli scavi I.E. (Impianto Elettrico) presso il foro

Ani Ebligathian
Les scènes mythologiques sur les lampes en terre cuite provenant des fouilles d’Antioche

Custode Silvio Fioriello
La collezione di lucerne del Museo di Archeologia Urbana‘Fiorelli’ di Lucera: rapporto preliminare

Arnaud Galliègue
Les lampes à huile de Lugdunum: présentation typologique du luminaire en contexte antique

Ștefan Viorel Georgescu
Quelques considérations à propos les lampes à huile avec le sceau ΠΡΕΙΜΟΥ découvertes à Tomis

Elisa Grassi
Trades, productions, cults. Late ancient lamps from Milan as evidence of economical and religious changes

Ana Cristina Hamat, Alexandru Szentmiklosi, Andrei Bălărie
Lighting devices dating from the medieval and post medieval period discovered in the modern city Timişoara (Romania)

Małgorzata Kajzer
Light in the deep. The Late Hellenistic oil lamps assemblage from the well on the Agora of Nea Paphos, Cyprus

Angeliki Katsioti
The dating of the “Samian type” lamps (6th-7th c. AD). The evidence of Rhodes, Greece

Natalia Kazakidi
A marble lantern (?) decorated with a theatrical mask in relief from the Archaeological Museum of Thessalonik

Ioannis Motsianos
Light and Lighting Devices in Byzantine Christian Church

Lucie Motta
The lamps in central Italy : Typological comparisons between the block D domus at Musarna (VT) and the Schola del Traiano at Ostia Antica (RM)

Lucie Motta
Some exemples of a singular lamp: the “Schola 1/Globular lamp” type 

Dorina Moullou and Karen Garnett
Capacity and Capabilities for Terracotta Lamps from Corinth: A Measurement Procedure

Cătălina – Mihaela Neagu, Ionuț Bocan
Lamps discovered in Roman Baths at Micia (Vețel, Hunedoara County) from the collections of the National History Museum of Romania

Jean-Louis Podvin 

Lampes romaines en terre cuite du musée de Saint-Omer

Bastien Rueff,
Characterising lighting ambiances through the study of lamps in Kommos City (Crete) during the Bronze Age (3200-1100 B.C.)

Anna Santucci
Narrare l’illuminazione. Considerazioni sul repertorio letterario e iconografico del mondo greco e romano

Iryna Sheiko
Pergamum- and Ephesus-type lamps from Olbia (import and local replicas)

Benyamin Storchan
A New Light on the Beit Nattif Lamp: A New Workshop at Khirbet. Shumeila

Emilio Verze
Lamps from the Forum of Cuma

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