Gaben an die Götter. Der gallo-römische Tempelbezirk von Karden. View larger

Gaben an die Götter. Der gallo-römische Tempelbezirk von Karden.



Claudia NICKEL - AHR-03 - Gaben an die Götter. Der gallo-römische Tempelbezirk von Karden (Kr. Cochem-Zell, D) (mit Beitr. von N. Benecke, O. Mecking/G. Lagaly und D.G. Wigg), (Vorwort A. Haffner), 1999, 534 p., 449 fig., 89 pl. dessins, 25 pl. ph. (ISBN: 2-907303-28-7)

Cet ouvrage est consacré à l'étude du mobilier du temple galio-romain de Karden (Kr. Cochem-Zell, D), proche du grand complexe de sanctuaire du Martberg. L'étude concerne principalement la "vaisselle cultuelle", soit plusieurs milliers de vases. Leur enfouissement à la fin de l'époque flavienne et un demi-siècle plus tard est peut-être lié à des destructions partielles ou à des rénovations du temple.

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This work is devoted to the study of the artefacts of the Gallo-Roman temple at Karden (Kr. Cochem-Zell, Germany), near the great sanctuary complex of the Martberg. The study is concerned primarily with the "votive vessels", say many thousand vases.That they were buried at the end ofthe Flavian era and halfa century beyond is possibly due to the partial destruction or renovation of the temple.
The statistical study of the overall significant elements makes it possible to define a facies typically votive, characterized by a clear predominance of drinking and eating vessels. Through regional comparisons, a clear distinction can be established between the Karden facies and that ofmilitary and civil contexts, while highly comparable assemblages can be found, for example, in the Wederath necropolis.There is, therefore, an evident relationship between the “Offerings to the Dead” and the “Offerings ta the Gods”.
The abundance of the ceramic artefacts gives quite a clear picture ofthe way worship was practised in a Gallo-Roman sanctuary.The study ofcoins and the animal bones, as well as the analysis of Gallo-Belgian ceramics, offers additional data on religious practices, giving us particulars of the temple's equipment, the preparation ofritual meals, the sacrifice of consecrated animals, and finally, the depository of consecrated vessels.

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