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Image, Craft and the Classical World.



Nina CRUMMY (ed.) - Image, Craft and the Classical World. Essays in honour of Donald Bailey and Catherine Johns,2005, 304 p., nbr. ill. (ISBN: 2-907303-91-0)

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Preface, by Nina Crummy, p.11
Donald Bailey by Dyfri Williams, p. 13
Catherine Johns by Leslie Webster, p. 13
1. ‘How few men have the right head on their shouders!’ , by Lucilla Burn, p. 17
2. ‘Singing all summer and dancing all winter’: a group of lead-glazed ware vessels in the British Museum, by Paul Roberts, p. 23
3. The Kingdom of Kush. Urban defences and military installations, by Derek A. Welsby, p. 39
4. Living in the desert: mess kits fromMons Porphyrites, by Roberta Tomber, p. 55
5. Lucerna Helvetica. Les lampes découvertes ou conservées en Suisse. Un état de la question, by Laurent Chrzanovski, p. 61
6. The lion and the mule: from lamps to samian, by Joanna Bird, p. 69
7. Recording the loads at La Graufesenque, by Geoffrey Dannell, p. 81
8. Le casque republicain de Sainte-Foy-lès Lyon et la question des casques romains surmontés d’un anneau, by Michel Feugère, p. 85
9. From bracelets to battle-honours: military armillae from the Roman conquest of Britain, by Nina Crummy, p. 93
10. The Tunshill Roman silver arm, by Kenneth S. Painter, p. 107
11. The Newstead parade helmet, by William Manning, p. 119
12. Roman bound captives: symbols of slavery ?, by Ralph Jackson, p. 143
13. Whose good luck? Roman phallic ornaments from Suffolk, by Judith Plouviez, p. 157
14. ‘All in a day’s work?’ The colourless cylindrical glass cups from Stonea revisited, by Jennifer Price, Ian C. Freestone and Caroline Cartwright , p. 165
15. Dedicated followers of fashion? Decorative bone hairpins from Roman London, by Jenny Hall and Angela Wardle, p. 173
16. Coals to Newcastle, by Lindsay Allason-Jones, p. 181
17. Carausius, Virgil and the marks RSR and INPCDA, by Guy de la Bédoyère , p. 187
18. ‘Why are there always so many spoons?’ Hoards of precious metal in late Roman Britain, by Richard Hobbs, p. 197
19. The Hinton St Mary head of Christ and a coinof Magnentius, by T. S. N. Moorhead, p. 209
20. ‘A Light to lighten the Gentiles’: witness inchange in the Roman Empire, by M. Henig, p. 213
21. Observations sur deux moules africains de lampes chrétiennes, by Jean Bussière, p. 223
22. Main Street, Diospolis Inferior, by Jeffrey Spencer, p. 233
23. A Roman ‘House’ at Mytilene, by Caroline and Hector Williams, p. 243
24. After Oldcroft: a British silver pin from Welton le Wold, Lincolnshire, by Susan Youngs, p. 249
25. The Faversham mounts, by Angela Evans, p. 255
26. Some notes on two late-antique gold pendants in the British Museum, by Christopher Entwistle, p. 267
27. The wayward history of some ‘Late Antique’ carved ivories in Philadelphia, by Donald White, p. 277
28. Now we see through a glass, darkly, by David Buckton, p. 285
29. Donald Bailey: Bibliography, p. 291
30. Catherine Johns: Bibliography, p. 299


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