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Early Iron in Europe.



Brigitte CECH , Thilo REHREN (eds.) - Early Iron in Europe, 2014, 300p., nbr. fig., 20 pl. coul.h.t. (ISBN: 978-2-35518-041-5)

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- Thilo Rehren, Brigitte Cech — Early Iron in Europe. An introduction and overviewf arch, p. 7
- Brigitte Cech — The production of ferrum Noricum at Hüttenberg, Austria. The results of archaeological excavations carried out from 2003 to 2010 at the site Semlach/Eisner, p. 11
- Guntram Gassmann, Andreas Schäfer — Early iron production in Germany - a short review, p. 21
- Andreas Schäfer — Early iron production in the Central German Highlands. Current research in the Lahn Valley at Wetzlar-Dalheim (Lahn-Dill-District, Hessen), p. 33
- Thomas Stöllner, in collaboration with Jennifer Garner, Guntram Gassmann, Klaus Röttger, Ursula Tegtmeier, Ünsal Yalçın, Manuel Zeiler — The Siegerland as an iron production area during the first millen- nium BC: A regional approach to a famous mining region, p. 43
- Patrice de Rijk, Ineke Joosten — Heeten revisited – Germanic iron production in the Netherlands (150-350 AD), p. 65
-Florian Sarreste — The Roman bloomery workshop of “Roche Brune” (Pezé-le-Robert, Sarthe, France), p. 81
- Marie-Pierre Coustures, Nadine Dieudonné-Glad, Phlippe Dillmann, Didier Béziat — Tentative chemical characterization of a Roman smelting workshop (Oulches, France): from the ore to the finished product , p. 93
- Marion Berranger, Philippe Fluzin — Levroux “Les Arènes” (Indre – France): organization and specialization of post-reduction activities in an open agglomeration of the Late Iron Age (2nd century – beginning of the 1st century BC), p. 117
- Sylvain Bauvais, Philippe Fluzin — Organization of Forging Activities in Northern Paris Basin Agglomerations (France) during the Final La Tène, p. 133
- Marianne Senn, Maren Kraack, Alexander Flisch, Adrian Wichser, Michael Obrist —An aspect of the Celtic iron trade: the “Spitzbarren”. The deposit from Bellmund (canton Bern, Switzerland), p. 147
- Vincent Serneels — Ironworking in Roman Switzerland: An interpretation of the archaeological evidence, p. 161
- Costanza Cucini, Marco Tizzoni — Iron production in Lombardy from the 2nd century BC until the 6th century AD, p. 173
- Alessandro Corretti, Laura Chiarantini, Marco Benvenuti, Franco Cambi — The Aithale Project: Men, Earth and Sea in the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy) in Antiquity. Perspectives, aims and first results, p. 181
- Irene Calliari, Katya Brunelli, Emilio Ramous, Catarina Canovaro — Fragments of iron slags in pottery mortars from Este, p. 197
- Peter Halkon — Iron and the Parisi – socio-economic and ritual aspects of the iron industry in Roman East Yorkshire, UK, p. 203
- Tim Young — Roman military control on iron-making in South Wales, p. 215
- Jeremy Hodgkinson — Waste heaps as a potential indicator of regional iron production and organisation: An example from south-east Roman Britain, p. 227
- Jan Henning Larsen, Bernt Rundberget — Iron Bloomery in South and Central Norway, 300 BC – 500 AD, p.231
- Arne Espelund — Norwegian Roman Age blooms and their origin. Properties and processes shared with ‘ferrum Noricum’?, p. 249
- Eva Hjärthner-Holdar, Svante Forenius, Annika Willim — A Roman Iron Age bloomery site in Gästrikland, Sweden. Evidence of a widespread trade?, p. 261
- Raphaëlle Soulignac, Vincent Serneels — The reconstruction of smithing activities through an ethnoarchaeological and archaeometric approach on metallic wastes, p. 277
- Edmond Truffaut — Steelmaking in a bloomery furnace: behaviour of manganese. Research on the Ferrum Noricum , p. 285

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