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Les prisonniers oubliés de Reims-Bétheny (1944-1946)



AMC-10.  Les prisonniers oubliés de Reims-Bétheny (1944-1946). Enquête archéologique

Nicolas Garmond (eds.)

2023, 151 p., ill. coul. (ISBN : 978-2-35518-139-9). 

diffusion : Editions Mergoil

language : français

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In 2011, between Reims and Bétheny, in Marne, unexpected objects belonged to Germans prisoners are founded during an archaeological excavation. Then begin a real investigation. We just found remains of a complex of Axis, German and Hungarian, prisoners of war camps, known as « POW Stockade n°3 & Russian Camps » attached to depot Q-256, 64th Quartermaster Base Depot of the US Army. Between 1944 and 1946, up to 17 500 prisoners worked in this huge logistic platform in the neighboring Docks Rémois, housed in makeshift encampments nearby.

The archaeological study, having allowed the discovery of abundant artifacts in remains of these camps, makes it possible to rewrite part of this unknown story. Bowls, gourds, preserves, Pin’up… A whole range of artefacts tells us about the living conditions of these prisoners at the end of the Second World War. This work makes it possible to highlight a forgotten part of our recent history, between scientific and historical interest and the necessary preservation of a heritage threatened with definitive disappearance.

Summary : 

Chapitre 1 : En quête d’archives sur les camps de prisonniers de la Seconde Guerre mondiale à Reims

Chapitre 2 : Les opérations archéologiques

Chapitre 3 : Etudes du mobilier

Chapitre 4 : Etude paléoparasitologique des structures du POW Stockade n°3

Chapitre 5 : Synthèse générale


authors :
 Nicolas GARMOND, Benjamin DUFOUR, Matthieu LE BAILLY, Fabien PILON, Frédéric POUPON, Valentin SCHNEIDER


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